Friendly Shark Bears Striking Resemblance To ‘Finding Nemo’ Character

A photographer in South Africa was recently swarmed by a group of sharks, including one with a toothy grin which bore a striking resemblance to Bruce, the great white from the 2003 hit Finding Nemo.

The shark, which was a dead ringer for the friendly character who often struggled to resist the urge to eat fish, was one of 20 blacktip and tiger sharks that gathered around photographer Mike Korostelev, according to the Daily Mail. The predators availed themselves of fresh bait off the coast of KwaZulu-Natal, as Korostelev photographed them.

“Swimming with sharks is like stress relief for me. What could be better?” he asked.

“It is not very dangerous if you know what are you doing and how to do it correctly and safely. Sharks are not interested in humans. They need only a tasty fish to satisfy their hunger. You just have to keep everything under control. Do not wave your hands and try to keep the sharks in sight at all times. Sometimes they will even collide with you, bump into the camera, but nothing bad happens.”

As the Inquisitr recently reported, a sequel to Finding Nemo is in production. Details of the film, Finding Dory, were revealed to audiences at the Comic Con Experience in Brazil (CCXP), and while a host of new characters are set to be introduced, fans quickly voiced their hope that Bruce and his friendly shark brethren would be making a return appearance.

In order to draw the sharks in, the 32-year-old Korostelev and his fellow divers placed a container of bait into the water near their boat. As Caters News notes, it took only a few minutes before the sharks began to appear. The number of predators in the area posed an unusual problem for a photographer, according to Korostelev.

“The main problem when shooting sharks in South Africa is that there are too many! Everything is teeming with sharks,” he observed.

“They’re everywhere — swarming around your face, crashing into the camera, their sensitive noses poking into your legs. Therefore, to make a picture is extremely difficult.”

As the dive progressed, Korostelev noticed that the number of sharks in the vicinity grew dramatically.

“At the beginning of the dive, there was around seven sharks. But by the end we counted 20 already around us.”

Luckily for him, the sharks were just as benign as their theatrical brethren from Finding Nemo.

[Image: Caters News Agency via the Daily Mail]