Nick Jonas Escapes His Past, Feels ‘Cooler’ Solo

Linked to Disney, the Jonas Brothers were a hit with the tween crowd. Now that they have gone their separate ways, however, Nick Jonas is finding his career entering a new phase.

In a recent interview with Gay Times Magazine, Nick Jonas revealed that being apart from the group has made him feel cooler, as though he’s evolving.

“I definitely feel cooler. I think that was a big part of approaching phase two [of my career], being true to who I am. This is way more natural and organic to me than anything I’ve done in the past. I do get to start over in many ways, so I’m trying to embrace that.”

Considering that his career with the Jonas Brothers included purity rings and songs like “What I Go To School For” and “Pizza Girl,” it’s easy to tell how Nick Jonas has decided to start over.

His 2014 album, Nick Jonas, features songs of a slightly darker nature and bears an “explicit content” sticker on the front. Many of the songs can be found on YouTube now.

Nick Jonas admitted that he was glad that the majority of his songs could be found on various websites, especially since the content of his new songs could be shocking to someone familiar with the work he’s done with his brothers.

“There are tracks on the record that are darker even than ‘Chains’ so it’s probably somewhere in the middle, in reality, and I think it’s a good representation of where it was all going without limiting the set up of this record with one track. So often that happens when people only hear one song. How’re you supposed to go and buy a record if you’ve only heard one song? I feel like you need to be introduced to the whole project and what you’re trying to say, so ‘Chains’ and ‘Jealous’ being out there now, these other songs coming out, I think you get a good vibe for where it’s all heading.”

As he sheds his old image, Nick Jonas has been taking on darker projects, such as his part playing Nate Kulina on DirecTV’s Kingdom. Kulina is a gay MMA fighter struggling with balancing his life between his fighting, his home, and his sexuality.

Nick Jonas will also be joining “The Great Escape Tour” with Iggy Azalea which could introduce his solo music to a brand new demographic. The tour starts April 14 in Fresno, CA.

[ Image courtesy of Island Records ]