December 20, 2014
Al Sharpton Releases Damage Control Statement Following Fatal Shooting Of Two NYPD Officers, Did He 'Get What He Wanted?'

Al Sharpton has been quite vocal over the past couple weeks. Following the controversial grand jury decisions in the deaths of both Michael Brown and Eric Garner, the 60-year-old civil rights activist has been at the forefront of the fight for justice. He has supported many of the Ferguson demonstrations, including the numerous protests and riots that ripped through the small town and set it ablaze.

The actions, which reportedly signified "no justice, no peace," caused quite a controversy because many questioned the reasoning behind the riots which led to unnecessary looting and vandalism. Now, it appears he's speaking out yet again.

Earlier today, several breaking news reports revealed that two New York Police Department officers were shot and killed inside a patrol car in Brooklyn. According to Mediaite, the recent protests and riots are already considered motivating factors for the death of the two officers. Ironically, just last week, Sharpton was associated with a "dead cops" chant recited by protestors at a recent rally.

Although the footage was reportedly edited to make it seem as if Sharpton was associated with the rally, the recent fatalities don't help Rev. Sharpton's reputation. Even though all of the speculation behind the shooting has not been confirmed, retired NYPD detective Harry Houck recently spoke with CNN with his opinion of the fatal shooting. Needless to say, he didn't have anything favorable to say about Rev. Sharpton.

"We have two dead police officers, and I guess Al Sharpton got what he wanted."
Since Rev. Sharpton reportedly supported the recent demonstrations, which were done with such vengeance and force, it was only befitting for him to release a statement of clarification. Here's an excerpt from the statement:
"I have spoken to the Garner family and we are outraged by the early reports of the police killed in Brooklyn today, Any use of the names of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, in connection with any violence or killing of police, is reprehensible and against the pursuit of justice in both cases.

We have stressed at every rally and march that anyone engaged in any violence is an enemy to the pursuit of justice for Eric Garner and Michael Brown. We have been criticized at National Action Network for not allowing rhetoric or chanting of violence and would abruptly denounce it at all of our gatherings. The Garner family and I have always stressed that we do not believe that all police are bad, in fact we have stressed that most police are not bad."

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