Classic Christmas Movie ‘Home Alone’ Recut Into Horror Flick, And It Is Pretty Scary [Video]

Home Alone is a classic Christmas movie that is mostly considered pretty “family-friendly.” However, a plot that features a child left home alone only to be attacked by strangers is actually not too far removed from a horror film. Therefore, YouTube user Bobby Burns took footage from the original family-friendly holiday classic and recut it as a trailer for a horror flick. The result? A pretty scary movie trailer than can certainly rival some major horror films.

As one Mashable viral video reviewer wrote, “‘Home Alone’ is the scariest movie of all time,” also noting that the writers were clearly geniuses for being able to turn the movie’s frightful plot into a Christmas holiday classic.

“Turning a film about a child stuck alone in his house, while strange, seedy men attack him, into a family-friendly Christmas classic is no easy feat — clearly, writer John Hughes and director Chris Columbus were geniuses.”

The recut video features only images, music, and dialogue original to the Home Alone movie. However, in the remastered fashion, all the cutesy imagery and comic relief is cut and you are left with an overall sinister plotline.

In fact, one commenter on the video claims that Home Alone was actually the remake of a French horror film.

“Ironically Home Alone is actually a remake of a French horror thriller movie called ‘3615 Code Pere Noel’ or ‘Game Over’ in America about a kid who defends his home and feeble grandfather from a deranged lunatic dressed as Santa by turning his toys and home appliances into deadly weapons. The movie’s director Rene Manzor tried to reach a settlement with Fox and threatened to sue over the two film’s similarities.”

What do you think of Home Alone as a horror movie? Would you watch the horror movie version based on this parody trailer?