Walmart Kicks Out Caroling Kids: Shoppers Shocked At Manager’s Response [Video]

Walmart kicked out caroling kids after the singers entered the store to spread some good cheer. A video shows the Christmas carolers being warned that if they didn’t leave the store immediately, police would be called.

NBC5 News reports that students from Henley High School in Klamath Falls, Oregon, went into the area’s Walmart store Thursday night. Met with hostility, the singers rushed out of the store when the manager is heard over the intercom demanding they exit or law enforcement would be called.

The manager declined to comment on the situation. The news station says the students weren’t invited to be there, and that the singing was on private property.

As seen in the video, shoppers are shocked at what they hear when Walmart kicks out the carolers. A few customers tell each other they can’t believe what just happened. Many people inside the store enjoyed the Christmas carolers.

A parent who recorded the video says the high school kids went to a nearby Fred Meyer, where they were warmly welcomed to sing for customers. The video that was taped is posted on Stacy Kerns’ Facebook page. She wants the footage to go viral so people can see how the kids were treated by Walmart.

“My daughter and Henley chores were doing a flash mob at are Wal-Mart and the co manager corrie [sic] told the kids in the middle of the song to leave it they would call law enforcement on the kids. Make this go viral people please!”

Kerns says that the manager was already on the phone with law enforcement as the kids were leaving the store. Additionally, Kerns says Walmart informed her that no videos or pictures were allowed inside the store.

Several commenters were upset about the store’s manager insisting that the carolers leave.

“I wonder if the police would have had any say in it? Kids out with there school celebrating the season, and this women didn’t like it. Wow,” one commenter writes.

Another writes, “Everyone that was there should lodge a complaint with the corporate office. It should be done individually to flood their system.”

One more posts, “what is this walmart coming to and where is the xmas joy.”

The video has over 21,000 views on YouTube and 2,816 shares on Kerns’ Facebook page.

Walmart has yet to respond to this specific incident after kicking out the caroling kids.

[Image via YouTube screenshot]