Spider-Man In 'Avengers: Infinity War': New Report Details Marvel And Sony's Deal

Marvel may yet reach a deal over the future of Spider-Man, and leaked documents from the Sony hack have revealed far more of the structure of the agreement that has been discussed between the two companies, potentially placing the web-slinger in the next Avengers film.

In an exclusive report, ComicBookMovie claims they were provided with some of the leaked documents from the Sony hack, which pertain to the deal with Marvel. The site notes, however, that parts of the information they were given both contradict and confirm some of the claims that have already been made about a potential deal between the two companies.

According to their assertion, Sony is offering to co-finance 25 percent of Captain America: Civil War if Spider-Man shows up in the film. In exchange, Marvel will then provide the same percentage of financing for Spidey's next solo movie, set to be released in 2017. The report claims, however, that those details are just the tip of a far more interesting iceberg.

"The deal allows Sony to use TWO major Marvel characters and continue the plot from Civil War in regards to how it relates to Spider-Man. Spider-Man would also appear in 'Avengers: Infinity War - Part 1' in 2018, with another Marvel produced Spider-Man movie following in July 2019."

Moviepilot reports that Sony is seeking creative control over certain aspects of the Spider-Man character, including the design of his suit and the actor who will portray him (who must be signed to a three movie deal). Drew Goddard would be the pre-approved writer and director for the first Spidey solo film, while Avi Arad, and Matt Tolmach would get executive producer credit. Kevin Feige must also serve as producer, with Marvel retaining rights to select his replacement, should he leave.

Sony would reportedly be entitled to damages of $100 million if any of the movies, including Spider-Man, miss their release date, and the deal would be subsequently terminated. Three years and nine months are given as the deadline for pre-production to begin before the rights revert, a time period that would be reset by Captain America: Civil War. Sony is also seeking Marvel's assistance promoting Spider-Man's solo movies through their "D Machine," which includes their TV channels, radio networks, and theme parks.

Talks between Marvel and Sony were previously thought to have broken down, as the Inquisitr noted, yet reports have asserted that Sony executives are reconsidering a deal. With various media outlets claiming that an agreement can still be reached between Marvel and Sony, ComicBookMovie's report offers a tantalizing glimpse into the possible future of Spider-Man.

[Image via ComicBook.com]