How Many Dead Ducks Does It Take To Build An Airbus A350 Airplane? Hint: It Is More Than Zero [Video]

One YouTube user recently went behind-the-scenes of an Airbus A350 manufacturing plant to learn exactly what it takes to build the large and sophisticated airplane.

Henry Reich, from the YouTube channel Minute Physics, traveled to France, Germany, and the UK to visit the Airbus manufacturing facilities. Reich was able to watch as the entire process of creating a new Airbus A350 took place. Reich saw the airplane go from design to construction, then posted a video detailing the “amazing” process to YouTube.

There were a number of startling revelations that Reich experienced while at the manufacturing facility. For one, Reich seemed amazed that the airplane wings were made from “carbon-fiber-infused resin as tape.” In fact, he had to reiterate the fact as he pointed to the wing being constructed.

“Let me say that again. That is going to be an airplane wing, made out of tape.”

Another interesting part of the testing process includes the use of “several dead ducks.” The testing procedure for the Airbus A350 includes people shooting dead ducks into the airplane’s engine at high speeds to ensure it could survive a bird strike mid-air.

“They even shoot several dead ducks into the engine at high speed to make sure it can continue to provide thrust if it encounters a flock of birds.”

Though shooting dead ducks at a newly constructed plane engine may seem strange, bird strikes are a real issue for airplanes. In fact, just last week, a Southwest Airlines commercial airplane experienced a bird strike that left a hole in the wing.