Unusual Charge: Rand Paul Calls Marco Rubio ‘Isolationist’

Rand Paul (R-KY) made the unusual charge of calling Marco Rubio (R-FL) an “isolationist” for opposing President Obama’s recent policies that opened trade and relations with communist Cuba, the Sun Herald reported. The Libertarian leaning Paul, who is often viewed as isolationist by some, made the unusual charge against fellow likely GOP presidential candidate Rubio, a Cuban-American who opposes opening trade and relations with communist Cuba.

Paul tweeted the unusual charge, stating that Rubio was “acting like an isolationist who wants to retreat to our borders and perhaps build a moat. I reject this isolationism.”

The unusual charge came when Paul was responding to Rubio’s comments in an interview the night before with Fox News, in which Rubio said Paul had “no idea what he’s talking about” when it comes to Cuba. A Rubio spokesman declined to comment,” the Sun Herald reported.

Rubio answered the unusual charge, Politico reports. The Florida Senator responded to Paul’s unusual charge of “isolationism” while being interviewed by syndicated talk show host Mark Levin.

“I think it’s unfortunate that Rand has decided to adopt Barack Obama’s foreign policy on [Cuba],” Rubio told radio host Mark Levin. “[He] basically repeated the talking points of the president. And that’s fine, he has every right to support the president’s foreign policy, that’s who he wants to line up with, but I’m telling you, it isn’t going to work.”

Appearing on Fox News, Rubio said that Paul has “no idea what he’s talking about.”

Rand Paul is one of the few Republicans to support the opening of trade and relations with Cuba, where most among the conservative Republican Senators agree with Marco Rubio.

The subject that caused Paul’s unusual charge is affecting other areas of the 2016 presidential race. The Inquisitr reports the President’s Cuba policy could help Hillary Clinton in 2016. Clinton supports the policy, and as Secretary of State, had urged trade and relations with communist Cuba.

This unusual charge of “isolationism” is just the latest issue of contention between the likely 2016 candidates for president. Just a few days ago, Rand Paul took former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to task for his immigration and education views. Paul made what was not an unusual charge against Bush, suggesting his views were not sufficiently conservative on those issues.

[Images of Senators Paul and Rubio are from official U.S. Senate pictures from Wikipedia]