December 20, 2014
Pakistani Security Forces Kill Several Taliban In Wake Of School Massacre, Executions Of Militants Begin

Following this week's horrific school shooting in Peshawar, Pakistan, carried out by Taliban insurgents, that resulted in 145 deaths, 132 of which were children, Taliban members are now experiencing the wrath for their actions.

According to Pakistani security forces, several Taliban members were killed in the Peshawar area on Saturday, as Pakistan continues to reel from the inexplicable Taliban massacre of children, reports CNN.

Among the Pakistani Taliban killed so far following the school shootings is a key commander and at least four other Taliban members. The deaths were achieved by Pakistani security forces when they engaged some Taliban militants in Mattani, a section of Peshawar, and two more suspected Taliban militants were killed in Charsadda, a suburb of Peshawar, according to area sources. Unfortunately, two police officers were also killed in that fight.

Meanwhile, throughout Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, of which Peshwar is the capital, the Pakistani military reported ambushing and killing at least 32 other "militants" as of Friday. Whether these militants were confirmed Taliban members, or killed in retaliation for the Pakistan school shooting, was not made clear in the Pakistani military report.

A wave of disgust and revulsion has swept across Pakistan following the school shooting and slaughtering of so many defenseless innocents. Pakistan's Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, even announced an end to a moratorium on the death penalty for cases involving terrorists.

With the announcement that Pakistan can now execute terrorists, Taliban or otherwise, there are fears that the Taliban may now attack prisons in an effort to free fellow militants scheduled to be executed. This has put Pakistan on alert, with stepped up security at prisons in the wake of some executions of militant inmates, reports BBC News.

The first executions of militants took place Friday. One of those put to death was a former soldier who was originally sentenced after a 2009 attack on an army headquarters, and Pakistan announced that more executions of militant prisoners will be carried out in the next few days.

Despite the horrific and gruesome nature of the Taliban's school attack, Pakistan's UN Human Rights office wants the moratorium against the death penalty reinstated because they fear the executions will feed into "a cycle of revenge."

Along with ordering additional security at its prisons to thwart any Taliban attempts to free prisoners, Pakistan and the Pakistani military have unleashed attacks against the Taliban not just in and around Peshawar, but all across the country following the grisly Taliban school shooting.

Those attacks have reportedly resulted in additional dozens of terrorist insurgents killed.

[Image via Press TV]