365 Love Notes: Woman Gets 365 Love Letters Stuffed In A Jar From Boyfriend For Christmas

For Christmas this year, a woman has already been surprised with 365 love notes stuffed in a jar. Her boyfriend spent a whole lot of time writing up notes that covered various messages of his love for her.

The Huffington Post UK learned that a man from Ireland came up with the idea as a gift to his girlfriend. The discovery of this unique and romantic present is going viral online. The jar containing the man’s love letters is a message his girlfriend can read each day all year in 2015. The unidentified man split the letters into three different themes. They are “moments and memories,” “quotes and lyrics,” and “reasons I love you.”

The purpose of the letters is to give the woman happy thoughts for the day — thoughts that can’t help but keep her loving boyfriend on her mind. The front of the jar holding the notes features simple instructions with the color-coded themes.

“How it works: Contained within this 365 jar are three hundred and sixty five hand written note, each colour co-ordinated to the below themes.

“Every morning for the next year you can pick one note out and it (in theory) will be a nice start to the day for you.”

The romantic man shared how he put the design together.

“I designed and printed a logo for the front, but the glasswork writing on the jar protruded so far out that it was impossible to attach the printed sticker without it creasing. Still, the actual designs on the sides of the jar made up for it. The explanation was all that was needed,” he wrote on Reddit.

The man writes on his Imgur post that he has plenty to say.

“I’ve known my girlfriend for 8 years now, so I have plenty to work with,” he writes.

His girlfriend has already been surprised with the 365 love notes in the jar.

“She was ecstatic. There may have been tears — although that might have been partially to do with the amount of endless reading and unfolding she has ahead of her.”

Eight years in a relationship would definitely give someone a lot to work with. Songs, poems, quotes, and sentimental sayings find their way into romances, especially the long-term ones.

This Christmas gift idea is sure to inspire more like this from others who love writing nice things to their significant other.

Simply put: 365 love notes in a jar literally says a lot to someone.

[Photo Credit: Imgur via Huffington Post U.K]