‘The Voice’ Round Up: What’s Next For Finalists, And What’s Coming Up In Season 8

With The Voice bringing down the curtain on its seventh season, there are questions as to which hopefuls from this round will be able to realize dreams of a successful music career. Were any stars born on the Voice stage?

Blake Shelton was no doubt very excited about his pick Craig Wayne Boyd beating the odds and getting the win over Adam Levine’s team. So excited, apparently, that he, Boyd, and Voice host Carson Daly showed up for a post-finale interview meant for Voice contestant Chris Jamison.

The Voice win came at the right time for Boyd, who revealed that prior to the show, he struggled to keep a roof over his head.

“I moved to Nashville with everything I owned in the back of my pickup in 2004. I signed with EMI and wrote (songs) for three years. I had a vocal group Southland that was having fairly good success and that dissolved, so I had to reinvent myself.”

The country music singer shared that he’s had “ups and downs” in the pursuit of a lasting music career, but he hopes that his win on The Voice will be what finally turns things around for good.

Since winning The Voice, Boyd has signed with Dot Records and hopes to “make good music” as soon as possible.

As for Chris Jamison, he hopes that he can continue to make songs like his single “Velvet.”

“‘Velvet’ was my first single I introduced to the whole world just as Chris Jamison aside from ‘The Voice’. [I] want to make sure that I continue to deliver songs like that, and that kind of has that same vibe.

I think that was a really cool song [a]nd that it went over really well. So I’d like to continue making a whole album of songs with that same sort of feel.

Damien Lawson has promised that this is “only the beginning,” and that appearing on “The Voice has given him the confidence to pursue a recording contract.

“Right now we’re working everything out, getting a team together for dates and bookings,” Lawson told The News-Star during an interview. “We’re setting up meetings because this is what I want to do.”

Damien added that The Voice gave him the opportunity to “propel himself forward,” and that he intended to take advantage of that opportunity.

As for second-placed Matt McAndrew, he’s still reeling, but not from just missing out on winning The Voice. He left the show with “Wasted Love,” a #1 single and a very popular video on YouTube.

He told his fans on Twitter that he “got to experience all the wonderful things this show has to offer” and that his dreams are “coming true.”

Matt told Zapit that he and other members of Team Adam intend to keep in touch.

But now that The Voice had successfully made it out of the seventh season, already some are asking what’s ahead for season eight.

We already know that Pharrell Williams will be returning to The Voice as a coach. Gwen Stefani was a fill-in for Voice staple Christina Aguilera, who will be back.

A new season of The Voice will begin airing Spring 2015.

[Image Credit: The Voice Official YouTube]