Demi Lovato Really Doesn’t Care What You Think About Her Weight

Demi Lovato has been very open and honest about her issues with self-esteem and body image, but when one Twitter user decided to call the pop star fat, she fought back with humor.

According to E! News, while sending out a few tweets to her fans and followers the other day, the pop star was told to “Shut up” and was called a fatty for the entire world to see. Instead of letting it get to her, Demi Lovato decided to respond with a bit of humor of her own.

Of course, fans quickly came to Demi’s aid, and posted a few messages of their own regarding the situation.

@ddlovato just ignore them Demi, they want attention and to get noticed by you, and that’s exactly what you’re giving them

— vic✌ (@DevonnesHxrmony) December 19, 2014

@ddlovato i love you

— ena (@iadoreyoudemil) December 19, 2014

Weight and body image have been rather tough subjects for Demi Lovato over the years. According to MTV News, Demi recently reminded the public during her PSA for the Mental Health Listening and Engagement Tour that we should all rethink the way we view eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia.

“There’s a wide misconception that anorexia and/or bulimia is a choice, and you often hear people say things like ‘Why doesn’t she just start eating?’ or even ‘Just stop throwing up,’” Lovato wrote back in November. “It’s the ignorance and lack of education on mental illnesses that continues to put mental health care on the back burner to congress, even though this is an epidemic that is sweeping our nation and causing more and more tragedy every day. So please, let’s be cautious of the words we use when discussing ED’s and other mental illnesses.”

According to a recent report by the Inquisitr, Demi Lovato admits to struggling with her eating disorder on a daily basis, and even admits to almost returning to rehab to address the matter.

“It’s been difficult. I almost went back to rehab for my eating disorder last summer. I was obsessing over food and terrified of it at the same time,” said Demi during an interview with Fitness magazine.

How do you think Demi Lovato handled the situation?

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