North Korea News: Foreign Ministry Proposes Joint Investigation Into Sony Hack Or ‘Serious Consequences’

The latest North Korea news has erupted in what could be a truce. After the infamous Sony hack brought forth allegations over who was responsible for the September 11-style threat on movie theaters showing The Interview, the FBI has come forth and formally accused the North Korean government.

The film in question stars Seth Rogen and James Franco as TV journalists sent to assassinate Kim Jong Un. When threats arose to blow up movie theaters for showing the film, it seemed obvious to skeptics that North Korea was behind it. However, the nation which the U.S. has recently had less than friendly relations with denies doing any such thing.

“As the United States is spreading groundless allegations and slandering us, we propose a joint investigation with it into this incident.

“Without resorting to such tortures as were used by the [U.S.] CIA, we have means to prove that this incident has nothing to do with us.

“The U.S. should bear in mind that it will face serious consequences in case it rejects our proposal for joint investigation and presses for what it called countermeasures while finding fault”

This North Korea news from BBC News and the Detroit Free Press may be an indication that some are too quick to assume and point the finger, or it could be a clever statement to cover up what may be the truth.

Many celebrities, as well as President Barack Obama himself, have criticized the theaters in question, as well as Sony, for giving in to the alleged threats and canceling the release of The Interview. Some have called it simple cowardice and a bad precedent for other hackers making threats.

Some who heard about the North Korea news concerning the film allegedly claim that this would not be the first time hackers from that nation have done this. Last March, a hacker group calling themselves the Dark Seoul Gang allegedly conducted a similar attack on South Korean banks and TV stations.

Those attacks were allegedly very similar to the one leading to the threats over The Interview and Sony’s abortion of the film.

Others still believe the Sony hack may all be an inside job, and Sony was behind it all just to raise controversy and get more people to see the movie. This seems possible, following the recent release of a TV spot for the film (above) which surprisingly still said it is coming to theaters on Christmas. After the removal of promotional materials from five major movie theater chains, this could still be only a rumor.

What do you think of the latest North Korea news surrounding the Sony hack?

[Image via Engadget, Borgen Magazine]