Jay Cutler In Green? Benched Chicago Bears QB Could Be Traded To This QB-Needy Team

Jay Cutler’s career could be over with the Chicago Bears, and thus the speculation of where he’ll land next has begun. One team that’s been mentioned as a possible destination for Jay? The Philadelphia Eagles.

While that name may surprise many, according to NJ.com, it makes absolute sense.

“Watching the play of quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Nick Foles this season,” writer Eliot Shorr-Parks states, “it is hard not to look ahead and think about how the team is absolutely going to have to address the quarterback position this offseason.”

Shorr-Parks continues, “Cutler has a rocket for an arm and could be the solution to the team’s inability to beat teams deep. Cutler has 19 completions this season beyond 20 yards, 10 more than Sanchez has. Besides his strong arm, Cutler also brings an impressive resume. His public perception is certainly not great right now, but over his nine-year career, he has a winning record as a quarterback, 27,000 career yards, and more touchdowns (183) than interceptions (150).”

Bleeding Green Nation disagrees that Cutler is the answer, citing his turnover prone ways and lack of playoff wins.

“Clearly, Cutler is capable of being a top-notch passer. He has been a playoff quarterback and has consistently won games in the NFL,” Bleeding Green writes. “That said, he has also been a turnover machine and has manned a Bears team that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2010. He has only been to the playoffs once and he has thrown more than 18 interceptions in three seasons (including this one, in just 14 games).”

Wherever Jay Cutler lands this offseason, it’s clear to many analysts that the Bears have internally made the decision to move on from Cutler the minute they benched him in favor of career backup Jimmy Clausen. As reported by the Inquisitr, there are many possibilities for Cutler beyond just the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Jets, and Tennessee Titans are all in the market for a quarterback with the kind of talent that Cutler possesses. But would any team out there really want to invest franchise quarterback money in Cutler — a guaranteed $15.5 million next year — when he’s proven to not be franchise quarterback material? Conversely, all three of the teams listed above will have considerably high draft picks. Even though there are only two top prospects at the position, the likelihood of trading for Cutler seems a bit remote, as these teams would rather opt for a younger QB they can mold to their systems.

Jay Cutler may just find that his new home next year will be warming the bench for the Chicago Bears.