Arsenal FC Forward Alexis Sanchez Dumps Girlfriend Because He Can’t Perform In The Bedroom

In what can only be described as a weird story, Arsenal FC Forward Alexis Sanchez reportedly dumped his girlfriend, Laia Grassi. Break ups happen, especially in the sports world. Travel and time away can drive couples apart. Sometimes you just aren’t right for one another, or you simply grow apart. However, this was not the case with Alexis Sanchez.

According to Sanchez’s hometown newspaper, La Cuarta, Alexis broke up with Grassi over issues in the bedroom.

An original report had the two breaking up due to Sanchez failing to take the former Miss Chile out for dinner shortly after the World Cup, however, that seemed to not be the case.

Alexis Sanchez really wanted to perform well for his new club, so he could not provide what Grassi needed in the bedroom. Apparently, he was saving his energy for the games upcoming. So basically, he broke up with her over the simple fact that he couldn’t have sex with her, says the La Cuarta.

Obviously, the commitment to his new club is cool to see. Not many have the dedication to totally give up bedroom needs in order to perform the best they possibly can on the field. Especially when that someone in the bedroom is Laia Grassi, a literal Beauty Queen.

Alexis Sanchez is new to Arsenal, which is one of the better football clubs in the world. Obviously, he wants to impress and show that he is as good as any other on the team. The issue with the La Cuarta report is that the same paper claimed not too long ago that Sanchez was under-performing for Arsenal due to having too much sex. That being said, everything could be linked.

Could the manager have spoken to Sanchez, telling him to calm it down due to under-performing? Was he not giving himself to his girlfriend because of this reason? It certainly would lead to a break up.

Since the break up, Alexis Sanchez has been removed from Grassi’s Instagram account, which many took as an official announcement about the break up. However, at the end of the day, you don’t hear many stories like this. After all, most men would kill to have Sanchez’s life. Regardless, let’s see if the new focus on his game will lead to bigger and better things for Alexis and his club.

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