Cristiano Ronaldo Sued By Rhode Island Man Over Underpants

Cristiano Ronaldo is being sued by a man from Rhode Island over his CR7 underwear trademark.

Unfortunately for Christopher Renzi, the man who is looking to sue the Portuguese soccer star, there is one issue. He can’t get into contact with the Real Madrid player.

Renzi, as well as a Danish underwear maker, previously tried to sue Cristiano Ronaldo back in July after they were informed that the former Manchester United winger was going to use the phrase “CR7” on his underwear in the United States.

Ronaldo uses the term CR7 as it is comprised of his initials and the squad number that he was worn throughout most of his career. Ronaldo has also used CR7 on his underwear and clothing items in Europe.

However, in the United States, Christopher Renzi owns the trademark. Back in July, Renzi was told that he had until the end of November to inform Cristiano Ronaldo of his lawsuit. Unfortunately, though, he wasn’t able to track down and find Cristiano Ronaldo to inform him of the lawsuit.

According to the Telegraph, Christopher Renzi’s lawyer, Michael Feldhuhn, has informed officials that he is currently making sure that Cristiano Ronaldo’s underwear isn’t being sold anywhere in the United States of America.

Feldhuhn also revealed the extent that Renzi went to to try and find Cristiano Ronaldo. He noted that a Spanish justice official actually went to Real Madrid’s headquarters in Spain with the legal papers in his hand. The individual was hoping that he would run in to Cristiano Ronaldo on the property. However, he was informed by a Real Madrid receptionist that she wouldn’t accept them because the lawsuit didn’t actually involve the club.

At this point, Feldhuhn and Renzi found themselves stumped. They are still currently attempting to find Cristiano Ronaldo’s address so that they can serve the papers to him.

After being informed of their predicament, the judge allowed a special dispensation that allows Renzi and Feldhuhn until March 26 to locate Ronaldo.

Renzi has already had a small win in his legal battle with the soccer icon. The U.S. Patent and Trademark office suspended JBS Textile Group’s petition to use the CR7 trademark. JBS Textile Group were the ones who informed Renzi of Ronaldo’s plan, stating that they had “imminent plans to enter the U.S. market” with the “CR7” and “CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo” trademark.

Renzi previously applied to have the CR7 trademark back in 2008, and he was granted it just 12 months later. He has it because it’s his own initials and it celebrates the day that he was born, October 7.

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