George Clooney Takes Control of ‘Downton Abbey’ For Text Santa Christmas Campaign

George Clooney has the wit, charm, and charisma to take over any room or even building he enters, and now that includes Downton Abbey. That’s right, the veteran actor, and former most-wanted bachelor, was able to get in as a special guest for Downton Abbey as it filmed its 9-minute charity fundraiser sketch, Text Santa.

According to People, it’s been a long time coming and one that offers up a lot of tongue-in-cheek comedy that is actually quite hilarious. In just the first few minutes along, Lady Mary pulls off one of the best zingers.

“Papa, I’ve looked at the estate accounts, and if we all learned to dress ourselves, we would save 40,000 a year.”

George Clooney was on the set of Downton Abbey to bring about an amazing combination of high class and fantastic humor. He joined in with the Granthems as they perused their estate and thought about different things happening this Christmas.

Things begin in a way that is very much like that of the Christmas classic It’s A Wonderful Life, as Earl Grantham announces that the family fortune is gone and he wishes he had never been born. Joanna Lumley appears as an angel and shows him what life at Downton would be like without him.

That is when Lord Granthem notices the alternative Lord Granthem, who is none other than George Clooney. Actually, his name is “George Oceans Gravity Marquis of Hollywood,” or more commonly known as “Lord Hollywood.”

Lord Granthem watches as Lady Cora falls into the arms of Lord Hollywood for a tender and loving kiss.

“What in earth does she see in him?” thundered the incorporeal Crawley. “Seriously, she hasn’t let me kissed her like that since… actually, she’s never let me kiss her like that.”

Things continue from there and just keep on getting funnier. Actually, Us Weekly reports that it was Granthem (Hugh Bonneville) is the one responsible for bringing his Monuments Men co-star to the set.

Not a bad choice for a co-star, eh?

Entourage actor Jeremy Piven is also set to appear in the special that is going to benefit the Text Santa fundraiser in time for Christmas. It supports children’s charities and also helps to raise money for cancer research foundations that are based over in the United Kingdom.

George Clooney’s appearance on the Downton Abbey special for Text Santa will air on Friday, December 19, but it is already online for so many to see. The entire charity broadcast will last three hours and features musical acts as well.

[Image via ITV Studios]