Vladimir Putin Invites Kim Jong-Un To Visit Russia

Kim Jong-un might be going on a trip to Russia next year. A spokesman for the Kremlin confirmed on Friday that Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, has extended an invitation to the North Korean dictator.

Putin wants Kim Jong-un to visit Moscow to help him celebrate the 70th anniversary of Russia’s defeat of Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

When asked whether Kim Jong-un had been invited to Moscow for the May 9 celebration, which is when the Soviet Union celebrate their 1945 victory over Germany, Dmitry Peskov admitted, “Yes, such an invitation was sent.”

It’s looking more and more likely that Kim Jong-un will actually be making said visit to Moscow. Jong-un’s personal envoy already made a trip to Moscow last month to try and improve relations between the two countries.

It’s believed that there is an ulterior motive for Russia’s invitation to North Korea. Russia wants North Korea’s cooperation to build a gas pipeline through their country to South Korea since they need to enhance their natural gas exports.

According to the Guardian, North Korea could also benefit from their trip to Russia. North Korean officials believe that they could get support from Russia to help battle back against international criticism. This has come in the wake of accusations of human rights abuse, and the uncertainty over its nuclear program.

The Washington Times have reported that North Korea would then ask Russia to use their veto power on the United Nations Security Council to assist their plight. If Kim Jong-Un did make this trip, it would be his first trip to foreign soil since he became the ruler of North Korea in 2011.

North Korea’s reputation has plummeted even further over the last few weeks because of their alleged involvement in the hacking at Sony. North Korean officials have continued to deny that they have been involved in any fashion in the hack of the studio, which has led to various lurid revelations regarding several members of the Hollywood elite.


This also resulted in Seth Rogen and James Franco’s film, The Interview, being cancelled, because it revolved around the assassination of Kim Jong-Un.

However, as the Inquisitr reported earlier today, the FBI are adamant that North Korea are responsible for the cyber violation.

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