November 2, 2016
'Teen Mom' Star Kailyn Lowry Faces Harsh Criticism After Unveiling Clothing Line

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry has been working on establishing several business ventures ever since she gave birth to Lincoln Marshall. Despite going back to school, she is working on creating various products, including Scentsy products for her fans. But this week, Lowry revealed that she had been working on a clothing collection, where people can choose from a handful of designs and apply them to t-shirts, or baby clothes. And while Kailyn was super excited about this new project, some of her fans were not as pleased.

Of course, Kailyn Lowry is not the first person to start offering t-shirts or clothing as part of a larger brand. And she is definitely not charging an outrageous amount of money for them, as you won't find anything over $29. But since many of her fans are younger people, including students, $29 seems like a fortune for a t-shirt. This led Lowry to defend her decision to sell items that were so expensive.

According to a new Instagram post, Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry is now offering an explanation as to why her prices are more expensive than other t-shirt lines that are created for less.

"After launching my new website last night, we got a lot of feedback including that my shirts are too expensive, not enough designs and no plus sizes. Today is day 1 and we are working hard to accommodate everyone by including plus size and maternity lines asap. The reason for the prices is because we do not screen print. They are made print to garment and we have done research to make sure they are the best quality shirts. We don't charge for shipping, and I will be donating 10% of each sale to charity. When looking through my designs, make sure to use the drop down box to see other designs that are not shown. Even more designs are coming soon!" Kailyn Lowry revealed about her business decision.

While it is the first day of her business launch, it sounds like Kailyn should have waited until next year to launch and given people more options. Perhaps the feedback would have been more positive in nature. Lowry has said that she decided to work with this company because they had high-quality products. Kailyn Lowry has revealed that she has designed her shirts and clothes with things she enjoys, such as breastfeeding, mermaids, and Frenchie dogs.

According to the Inquisitr, Kailyn has been trying to build a business empire based on her role on Teen Mom. And this clothing line could just be the next step in the process.

Do you think the criticism of Kailyn Lowry's clothing prices is justified?

[Image via Huffington Post]