Star Wars: The Old Republic gets fourth and final ‘Choose Your Side’ video

Now that Star Wars: The Old Republic is nearing closer and closer to its November 20 release date, EA released the fourth and final installment of the “Choose Your Side” video series.

The last video had us all pick between the Jedi Consular and the Imperial Agent, but this time around we’re picking between The Old Republic‘s more iconic classes: the Republic’s Smuggler class and the Sith Warrior.

As was the case with the last three videos, this “Choose Your Video” guide is more of a primer for the two classes than anything else. BioWare developers explain the pros and cons of each class, weighing in their combat options against the other.

The Smuggler, BioWare explains, is a ranged class with a more tactical approach to combat. The Sith Warrior, on the other hand, is all about diving headfirst – pretty much literally – into the fray. The Smuggler class allows players to experience an adventurous storyline, and the Sith Warrior’s storyline allows for, well, being like Darth Vader, basically.

Check out the fourth and final “Choose Your Side” video below.