Nuclear waste site sporting some strange white web-like substance

Shades of some superhero back story but scientist have discovered a strange growth that resembles a white spider web showing up in the racks of spent nuclear fuel that has been collected from foreign governments.

The spent fuel assemblies were submerged in deep pools in the L Area of the Savannah River but the growth, which scientists are characterizing as a “white string-like” substance but they have yet to figure out exactly what it is.

The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board says that due to the fact that they have too small of a sample to be able to do a full characterization there will still need to be further evaluation done.

Will Callicott, a spokesman for Savannah River National Laboratory, said in an e-mail that officials hope to collect a larger sample for analysis.

“But whatever it is, doesn’t appear to be causing any damage,” he said.

via The Augusta Chronicle

Sorry but this whole nuclear waste and weird while spider like substance is just to close to a science fiction type scenario for any comfort. Oh and is it just me or just the upcoming Superman movie seem to be a little to coincidental with this news?