Turns out that a large part of Mars could support life

One of man’s dreams has always to be able to go out into space and find a new home for us to screw-up live on and one of the places has always been Mars, even though it has been shown to be barren of any kind of life as we know it.

As much as we might like to think that one day we could see the human race expanded to colonies on Mars the common consensus among scientists is that we couldn’t survive on the planet without a whole lot of help. That opinion could be changing though is a new study of the planet suggests that Mars could be more life-sustaining than was originally thought.

The study was carried out by the Australian National University and working with the most up to date data that is now available they looked at the planet as a whole rather than on particular areas of the planet as previous scientists had done.

What they found was that there is 3% of Mars that could sustain life, the thing is that the areas they are talking about are underground.

The Martian atmosphere has a bad combination of low temperature and low pressure. When put together, it means that liquid water cannot exist in most places on the planet’s surface. However, Lineweaver believes that the additional pressure of soil could mean that water exists below ground. Additionally, warmth from the planet’s core could render some regions of the planet’s subsurface warm enough for bacteria and other micro-organisms.

via Geekosystem

If I was younger I’d sign up in a minute to be able to have a shot at living on Mars. Hell, now that I think of it I’d do it even now, even though my wife might not like the idea.