Kim And Kanye’s Christmas Joy: Couple Will Spend Holidays Together Despite Divorce Rumors

It looks like Santa Claus and Kanye West will be coming to Kim Kardashian’s town after all. Despite rumors that the couple will not spend Christmas together, the rapper plans to enjoy the holidays with Kim and their beautiful daughter, North.

Gossip Cop states that false reports about Kanye spending Christmas in Paris without Kim came from various outlets, including VH1’s The Gossip Table.

“VH1’s abominable The Gossip Table for instance, the same show that once spread the lie about Lionel Richie being Khloe Kardashian’s real father, claimed to have “sources” who said Kim and Kanye would be spending the holiday away from each other. The show reported that West would be in Paris, while Kardashian would be in Los Angeles.”

Radar Online ran a similar story this week, stating West would not be spending Christmas in L.A. with the Kardashian family and Kim refuses to join her husband in Paris.

“Even though Christmas is a time for family, Kanye doesn’t want to spend the holiday with Kim’s family at Kris’ house. Kris always has a huge party on Christmas Eve, and Kanye just isn’t feeling it this year.”

Apparently Kanye is “feeling it” and will be in Los Angeles to watch little North open her gifts next Thursday. Gossip Cop states that a rep confirmed that although West was not with Kim and North on Thanksgiving, stories that they will spend Christmas apart are “not true” and “they will be together.”

Over the past few weeks, there have been multiple rumors online about the status of Kim and Kanye’s marriage. The couple was recently spotted attending the Disney Stars on Ice show in Los Angeles, but Radar Online states that it wasn’t a happy event for Kim. Their “source” states that Kanye only stayed at the show with his wife and daughter for 30 minutes.

“Kanye bailed after thirty minutes because he had work commitments, including finishing work on the upcoming documentary about his Yeezus concert tour. Kim was absolutely furious with Kanye for leaving after only such a short time. This could be the last holiday for Kim and Kanye. They are living completely separate lives.”

Of course, it’s hard not to believe the rumors when many of the photos Kim Kardashian posts on social media don’t include Kanye West, but he isn’t keen on appearing on the family’s reality show either. Assuming that the couple is not together based on rumors and Twitter pics is likely just another case of celebrity gossip.

[Image: E Online]