Scott Disick Still Behaving Badly: Is It Due To His Parents’ Deaths?

There has been no shortage of drama in the Disick household this year, as Scott has reportedly been caught partying hard on more than one occasion. This in spite of the fact he has children with Kourtney Kardashian and should be a more responsible baby daddy.

But, as reported by Radar Online, Scott Disick is still apparently having trouble dealing with the tragic passing of both his parents, a subject which is a “sensitive” one for him, as is evident in the December 21 episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons.

In the forthcoming episode, Scott and Kourtney can be seen arguing over the fact he refuses to go through his late parents’ Eastport, New York, home to sort it out.

As he reminded Kourtney, “You know that it’s a sensitive subject for me.”

Kourtney explained the reason for Scott Disick’s dilemma, saying, “Scott does not know if he wants to keep his parents’ house or sell it, but while we are out here we still need to clean it out and do all the things that it needs.”

Last year was certainly tragic for Scott, as his mother, Bonnie, died suddenly in October. His father, Jeffrey, passed away just a few months later. There’s no question that Scott, like anyone, is finding it hard to get over the deaths of his parents, especially as they occurred within just a few months of each other.

Regarding clearing out the belongings from his parent’s house, Scott Disick said, “I don’t know if I want to go over there, I haven’t really been back. I just didn’t think that this was going to come at this time in my life. If I was 50 years old going back there to sell the home my family lived in, I’d be alright, but at 30 it’s weird.”

When Scott challenged Kourtney, saying, “I feel like you keep pushing me and I don’t know why you’re trying to do this,” she responded, “Once we get home, we’re not going to want to fly back here.”

There’s no question that 2013 must have been an awful year for Scott Disick, losing both parents within such a short space of time, and this may explain his ongoing struggles with partying, drinking, and his need to take anti-anxiety drugs.