Russian Team To Attempt First Successful Winter Climb Up K2

15 members of a Russian mountain climbing team will attempt a climb that no human has ever survived, a winter climb up the treacherous K2 mountain top.

Along the way the climbers will experience 50 below zero temperatures and winds up to 40mph as they attempt to climb the second-highest peak in the world.

The attempt is part of the groups wishes to successfully traverse the planet’s 14 “eight thousanders” (mountaintop higher than 8,000 meters).

While Mount Everest was successfully climbed in the winter of 1980 the K2 range is considered harder during the winter months because of colder temperatures and harsh winds along with vertiginous slopes.

In 1987 a Polish team attempted to climb the summit in the winter however after 80 days they claimed only 10 good days of climbing conditions and made it just 7,300 meters before scaling down the slope with frostbite and ripped apart tents.

Among other challenges the Russian team will face are more snow and therefore a higher risk of avalance along with less daylight than the reason of the year.

The climb is expected to take nearly 2.5 months to complete and will begin around Christmas time.

Do you think the Russian teams attempt to climb K2 in the winter months is a daring feat that shows the capabilities of man or an act in utter stupidity that’s going to get people killed?

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