The Best Holiday Lights in America; Whitis Family Wins GMA Award [Video]

Did you decorate your house this year? Did you put a wreath on the door? A couple strings of lights around your windows? Maybe a fake Santa on the roof? How about 17,000 LED lights synchronized to music as a tribute to the 1.3 million soldiers that have died in combat since 1775?

If you didn’t go the 17,000 LED lights route, don’t worry. Only one family in America put that much time and effort into their house. The Whitis family from Tallahassee just won the “My Lights Are Better Than Your Lights” competition on Good Morning America.

The Whitis family writes is using their house to raise money for the Sempre Fi Fund. The Whitis family writes on Youtube:

“Since 1775, over 1.3 million American troops have made the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you and please visit to help give back to those who protect our freedom.”

Here’s a video of the best Christmas light show in America.

Do you think these are the best holiday lights in America?