December 19, 2014
Tip-Bombed Waitress Gets $1,200 Tip: Anonymous Customers Leave Incredible Tip For Pakistani Refugee

A tip-bombed waitress gets a $1,200 tip from customers that chose to remain anonymous, and the story is now going viral. According to NewsMax, Megan Asadi, a Pakistani refugee who recently became an American citizen, was working at Virginia Kitchen in Herndon, when she received quite an unexpected surprise. The customers at one of her tables received their bill (which was for $128), and left a pretty hefty tip for their waitress.

"I'm sure they'll be so surprised and excited," Asadi said of telling her kids the news. "They can't wait until next week," she added. According to USA Today, restaurant employees don't know who left the large tip, but may feel that Asadi is very deserving of the money.

The tip-bombed waitress that got the $1,200 tip is very grateful for the random act of kindness, which will undoubtedly help her and her family out, especially during the holidays. There have been several "feel good" stories of waiters and waitresses receiving big tips, and usually the people who commit the "tip-bomb" don't want any recognition for their good deeds at all.

And so, no one knows who left Asadi the money.

"No clue. No, no. They were just kind of [like] 'make sure she sees that we left the tip on the table, and we want her to get it,' and that's really all they did," said the store's owner Linc Kruger. "Megan is someone who came to our country as a refugee with two young daughters. She's been a single parent recently, was very excited that she passed the citizenship test," Kruger added.

A tip-bombed waitress (or waiter) getting a $1,200 tip isn't that uncommon. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a waiter in Albany, New York, received a $1,000 tip over the summer. Waiter Michael Shafts was shocked to receive such a generous tip, and was given simple instructions along with it... "pay it forward."

"While Ginger Man servers have on occasion been given 100 percent tips, the gratuity Shafts received is by far the largest, both in dollars and as a percentage, ever left at the restaurant. Shafts, who had never served the couple before Wednesday, said he had difficulty concentrating on work for the remainder of the evening, but he finished his shift."
After receiving the large tip, Shafts decided to finish his shift. His co-workers said that he was very deserving of the money. He used the extra cash to fix his car.

[Photo courtesy of USA Today/Video screen capture]