Call For 'Rape And Burning' Of White Women Posted In Panola County Day Before Jessica Chambers Death

The Jessica Chambers burning case has left many wanting answers. The police department has been unable to get any solid leads, claiming no one is talking in the tight knit community. However, a number of self-proclaimed "Anonymous" hackers and social media investigators are taking the case into their own hands.

While many people are asking the hacktivists to step down and let the police do their job, others feel these undercover hackers could hold the key to closing the case and identifying Jessica Chambers' killer. With multiple hacktivists now on the case, evidence seems to be pouring into the group's social media profiles.

One big piece of information that was found today paints a very sinister image of Panola County woman calling for the "rape and burning" of white women. Whether the individual who posted some frightening social media posts is the killer is yet to be known. However, the posts do outline the racial divide and tension within the community at the very least.

A Facebook user named Teapooh posted the following messages to her Facebook account calling for the "rape and burning" of children and white women in the days leading up to the Jessica Chambers murder.

Jessica Chambers Burning Death
Screenshot of the post by Teapooh calling for the death and burning of white women.

The hacktivists and social media users spending their time investigating the social media aspects of Jessica Chambers burning death case note that the post proclaiming that "white b****es need to be dead" happened the day before Jessica's murder. They also claim that all of Teahpooh's social media posts end on the 6th, the day of Jessica Chambers' murder.

The group of Twitter investigators and Anonymous found the social media posts highly disturbing, so they searched deeper into who Teapooh is. The individuals say that Teapooh is the wife of Brejaun Byers, the man in the video surveillance filling up a gas can near Jessica Chamber's vehicle.

Since the screenshots of the damning post were posted online, both Teapooh and the gas can man have scrubbed their social media profiles.

The police have stated previously that the "gas can man" checked out and was no longer a suspect. However, they did not comment on the man's wife. Though the woman has not been indicated as a suspect by the police, should her social media postings outlining such horrific acts against a specific race of people and children be grounds for criminal charges? Are her statements, regardless if they have anything to do with the Jessica Chambers' death, hate speech or criminal?