Ferguson ‘Witness 41’ Comes Forward: Says She Taped Michael Brown Shooting On Her Cell Phone

Ferguson “Witness 41” is now coming forward days after it was revealed that “Witness 40” allegedly has a history of racism and mental illness.

The Smoking Gun was the first to come out with details behind “Witness 4o” earlier this week. It was also reported by the Inquisitr.

TSG has new information based on an investigation from the events that happened with the Ferguson grand jury testimonies.

According to the site, “Witness 41” claims she filmed the Michael Brown shooting on her cell phone. The unnamed witness lives not far from where Brown was killed by Officer Darren Wilson. She appeared before the grand jury on October 27, as did her godson.

Apparently, “Witness 41” didn’t mention anything about taping the shooting that occurred August 9. Everything came out after the grand jury testimony.

When prosecutor Kathi Alizadeh said it’s too bad there weren’t surveillance cameras at the apartment complex, the witness then says she had a video of “the entire thing on her phone.”

The witness added, “But I dropped it in the toilet.”

Alizadeh told “Witness 41” that forensic experts could still examine her cell phone for crucial evidence, but she claimed the phone was in the “junkyard.” Alizadeh says the witness told her she was “so mad, she threw it away.”


Information given by “Witness 41” was given to the grand jury after her testimony. The prosecutor told the jury that she could be called back to testify, but she never was. Furthermore, the witness never mentioned the cell phone footage when FBI investigators questioned her about the shooting. She was interviewed by the FBI on August 26 at her home. She described what she saw when Officer Wilson shot 18-year-old Brown. She told them that Brown was on his knees with his hands raised and that Wilson stood over him when he fell to the ground and “just finished him up” by shooting him in the head.

One of the investigators told the witness that he didn’t buy her story. She later told Ferguson grand jurors that she could have “choked” the FBI agent for doubting her. She did change her story somewhat when she said she was behind Brown instead of in front of him when she recorded the shooting.

In an ironic twist from the Ferguson grand jury testimonies, “Witness 41” told jurors she’d been diagnosed with mental health problems. “Witness 40,” Sandra McElroy, is also mentally ill and says she stands by her testimony, according to an updated report by NY Daily News.

Ferguson “Witness 41” suffers from “mood swings, three personalities,” and takes pills for her condition.

[Photo Credit: ABC News]