Bill Cosby To Be Protested By Canadian Women At Upcoming Show

Bill Cosby is scheduled to perform in Hamilton in the beginning of January, but women in the area, as well as victims advocates, plan on protesting the event. CBC News reports that Anne Bokma has sparked a protest that will involve sabotaging the disgraced comedian’s upcoming gig. The Hamilton area writer is encouraging others to purchase tickets to the show so they can protest within the venue. This protest is reportedly a sort of offshoot from another protest that’s been planned for outside the premises by The Hamilton Woman Abuse Working Group.

These two different groups of Canadian women (and their supporters) are protesting Cosby over the overwhelming number of rape allegations that have surfaced against him. Bokma says that she wants her protest to be somewhere visible to the comedian so that he knows for sure that his presence is being protested. Her reason for doing this, aside from the allegations, is because she wants the show to be canceled — something that the venue’s promoters say won’t happen.

The number of women coming forward to accuse Cosby of rape continues to grow, but the 77-year-old comedian has remained mostly silent while denying the claims. He’s even gone as far as to blame racism for the media coverage. His wife and daughter have also spoken out in support of him, promising America that he’s not the serial rapist that he’s being made out to be. Their support for the man is only validated by recent reports that prosecutors in California won’t be charging him with child molestation. The Humboldt Journal reports that the child molestation reportedly took place in the early 1970s in the Playboy Mansion, but the statute of limitations has since passed. He’s currently being sued by the woman who claims that she was sexually abused by the man when she was 15 years old.

Bill Cosby’s lawyer says that he’s being extorted by the woman who is accusing him of molesting her, and more than one report has indicated that this particular woman tried to extort $250,000.00 from him before filing the suit. The alleged victim, Judy Huth, is one of more than 20 women who have come forward over the past several weeks. Even if she is trying to extort the comedian, and even if her particular story is false, then what of the other several women?

It’s clear that the accusations against Bill Cosby have angered and broken the hearts of many people, which is why protests like the ones in Canada aren’t anything new. Back in November it was reported that protests were expected in Melbourne, Florida, when Cosby was set to perform at the King Center for Performing Arts.


[Photo credit: International Business Times]