‘White Collar’ Spoilers: Series Finale Full Of Twists And Shockers, Door Open For More?

The series finale of White Collar airs Thursday night on the USA network, and fans are not happy about having to say goodbye. Despite the run of the show coming to an end, it seems there will be one action-packed last episode. White Collar spoilers from those with the show also make it seem that the door may not be closed for good quite yet on this one.

The December 18 finale will show Peter joining a dangerous con against the Pink Panthers to help Neal with a risky heist. Neal puts together a new plan that will help the Pink Panthers as well as himself, however, it may not go quite as he envisions. Tim DeKay, who plays Peter Burke, teases some big White Collar spoilers via Zap2It.

DeKay says that there is a “great exciting twist” that will surprise everybody, and he adds that fans will not want to walk away until the very last second of the finale has aired. The big final episode is said to answer many questions that have come up throughout the run of the series, and there will be some great moments between the characters.

Matt Bomer, who plays Neal Caffrey, says that while he was satisfied with the finale in some ways, he does think there were other directions yet to be explored. There will be some things left open-ended and up to the imagination of the viewers. Will the fans be satisfied with an ending like this? This may be a tricky route to try to take, and it will be interesting to see how fans react.

It was a challenging process to get White Collar back for this final season, and everybody has known for some time now that this sixth season would be the last. However, it sounds as if many with he show would be open to it continuing in some fashion. There will be some sort of cliffhanger, and both Bomer and DeKay indicate that they would be up for more.

DeKay tells TVLine that prior to the recent Veronica Mars movie, he would have thought a White Collar movie follow-up was out of the realm of possibilities. Now, however, he says he’s not sure, but there are no current plans. Bomer says that the decision is above his pay grade, but he would definitely want in if the opportunity arose.

Viewers saw the set up for the finale in the most recent episode, with Peter going undercover to try to join the Pink Panthers with Neal for the $500 million heist. Clearly, in the finale, fans will see it all play out. McKay tells TV Guide that the importance of Peter being with Neal on that last big heist will tie into the final moments of the series.

Will Neal really come through on this one, or will he run? DeKay says that fans will understand why the big and shocking moment occurs, and they will be left feeling satisfied. Fans may have their theories on how it all ends, knowing there will be twists and open-ended components, but they will be anxious to tune in Thursday night to find out for certain.

The series finale of White Collar starring Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer airs on the USA network on Thursday, December 18.

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