Dr. Laura Says Pit Bulls Are 'Waste Of Space' At Shelter And Should Be Put Down

Cheryl Phillips

Talk radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger told her listeners that she was "shocked" that a local pet shelter was full of pit bulls and called them a "waste of space." Dr. Laura then went on to say the dogs should be put down, something that immediately caught the attention of pit bull owners who were listening to her SiriusXM Radio show on Monday.

The Albany Animal Welfare Examiner states that Janet Goree attempted to call in to Schlessinger's radio show to talk to the 67-year-old radio host, but was hung up on by the show's screener. SiriusXM describes the show as a "three-hour daily call-in show" -- yet Goree's phone call didn't pass the test to make it through to the host.

Goree asked her followers to join her in tweeting photos of their own pit bulls, hoping that the talk show host would reply on social media. Schlessinger has yet to reply to anyone tweeting to her about her pit bull comment.

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Dr. Laura has always been controversial and outspoken -- now that her show is on SiriusXM, it's easier for her to say whatever she wants -- and satellite radio providers typically don't censor to the extent that terrestrial (land-based) radio does.

The Huffington Post reports that "freedom of speech" is the reason Dr. Laura signed on with SiriusXM in early 2011. She left traditional radio after starting a firestorm of controversy when she said the "N-word" to a black female caller eleven times in five minutes.

Just days before her departure from traditional radio, Schlessinger appeared on the Larry King show and told him that she wanted to "free herself from concerns about affiliate radio stations and sponsors."

Dr. Laura's negative remarks about pit bulls are still creating a buzz on Twitter three days after the show aired. Because the show is based on her thoughts and opinions, it's unlikely that she will apologize.