Happy National Chocolate Covered Anything Day, Everybody

Yes, National Chocolate Covered Anything Day is a thing. Apparently, today’s the day where it is justified to slather everything – ANYTHING – in sweet, sweet chocolate.

Anyway, you might think this is the creation of some candy corporation, but let’s not be hasty here. This, after all, is a day with its own internet site, so it’s probably 100% true and completely valid. On said site, it is claimed National Chocolate Covered Anything Day enjoys a rich heritage, dating back over 150 years:

“The illustrious history of this gluttonous holiday dates back to the mid-1800’s. In the cold north of Minnesota, Swedish colonizers were rushing to settle in America after the Homestead Act of 1862. The ever innovative Swedes […] had discovered a method for covering anything in chocolate that today we know as chocolate fondue.

So there you go. Hit the chocolate supplies and commence pour, spreading and drizzling over every edible thing in sight. Go forth, and cover the earth in chocolate.

And God bless Sweden and Minnesota and that other stuff mentioned above.