‘The 100’ Spoilers: Clarke Is Going To ‘Break,’ Plus What Her Decision Means For The Truce

The 100 chose to go all out for its midseason finale, but would you expect anything else from this show? Right from the start, it has shown that it is not your average CW show, and while a visit from the Grim Reaper isn’t unusual, things went a step further than they have before with this week’s episode.

In The 100’s midseason finale, Camp Jaha was faced with a decision. If they wanted a truce with the Grounders, they had to hand over Finn to pay for his massacre of the village when he was looking for Clarke. While some had no problem doing just that, even though it would mean a lot of suffering for Finn, thanks to Lincoln describing what they would do to him, others refused to let that happen, and Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, and Murphy chose to try to protect him at the dropship. However, Finn then gave himself up to the Grounders surrounding them, and Clarke had to come up with a new plan to try to save him.

Once Finn was in the Grounders’ hands – and territory – Clarke had only one choice. Using the knife Raven had given her to use on the Commander of the Grounders if she had to, Clarke killed Finn after going to say/kiss him goodbye. It was brutal, but in doing so, she saved him a night of suffering before his death.

But what comes next? E! Online spoke to The 100 star Eliza Taylor to find out, and she explained that Clarke was only able to kill Finn like she did because she knew she was saving him from the suffering at the hands of the Grounders. Even so, it’s something that is going to “deeply affect her for a long time moving forward.”

“In her mind, she has killed her one true love and I don’t think that she’s ever going to really fully bounce back from it. It’s definitely going to take her into a darker frame of mind. But that does make her evolution into becoming a real leader very interesting. She’s finally able to shut off her emotions and really focus on the task at hand.”

Expanding on that, Taylor told TVLine that it will “force” her to become “a real leader” going forward.

“We’re going to see her break, definitely. …You’ll be asking, ‘How far will she really go to save her people?’ And, ‘Can she wash the blood from her hands?’ It was really Finn’s story in the first half of the season, and now it’s Clarke’s.”

Clarke’s move means that things will be strained between her and Raven after The 100 midseason finale, and the actress told E! Online that Raven will “take out her anger on Clarke, rightly so” for what she did.

This also is going to put a strain on things between the two groups. Will there still be a truce? According to Taylor, maybe not.

“It doesn’t exactly put her in the good books with the Grounders. Yes, he is dead like they wanted but it was quick and not true to the Grounder tradition of punishment. The people don’t feel like justice has been brought to their village. I think it’s going to make the truce a little bit harder to carry out.”

The CW has already released a new promo for The 100’s return in January. As you can see below, the celebration of their “newfound peace” doesn’t go so well, but who’s responsible for what happens? Could Raven be the next one killed?

As the Inquisitr previously reported, The 100 is in the middle, and could either be cancelled or renewed after this season, but with this episode – and this season – it seems like the show has upped the ante, and is putting up quite a good argument for the latter.

The 100 Season 2 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW. It returns with new episodes on January 21.

[Image via The CW]