Why are there bushes growing out of the building?

Green .. everything seems to be about turning everything green – literally. From our cars to our subways and pretty well everything in between including it seems our buildings and homes. That is why the picture you see above of a high-rise building in Chile looks like it has a forest growing out of it.

The building is the home of Enrique Browne Arquitectos in Chile and makes use of a leafy green facade overflowing with bougainvillea, jasmine, and plumbago. the office is comprised of three elements. A vertical green wall that is constructed from wood which also shields the structure from the north, east and west and acts a double green skin that insulates the the interior.

But it seems that these green walls aren't just being used on the outside of buildings. A U.S. company by the name of Planterra is marketing a green wall that can be installed and maintained anywhere – including your living room. The TerraScreen Interior Greenwall System requires about 18" of space from the wall and a catch basin, but it can also be supported with drip irrigation and a tank.

Green thumb not included.

terrascreen1[via Jetson Green]