Air Force Launches Investigation Into Dead Body Casket Gag

It’s bad form to pose as a dead body in a casket, it’s in extremely bad form to pose in that casket if it’s the same type used to send the dead back from war and it’s in astronomically bad taste to post that photo on Facebook but that’s exactly what a group of enlisted Air Force men and women recently did and now an investigation has been launched.

In the photo (pictured above), a colleague is wrapped in chains with a noose around his neck. The photo was sent to Air Force Times by an angry Sergeant who was alerted to the photo by a former soldier who saw it posted on their friends Facebook page.

In his letter to AFT the Sergeant wrote:

“I cannot help but picture the faces of dead that we drug out of burning vehicles, dug out from collapsed buildings.”

In a statement about the situation Air Force Secretary Michael Donley said this type of behavior “is not representative of the airmen I know.”

News of the photo couldn’t come at a worse time for the Air Force who admitted earlier this month to dumping the bodies of 274 soldiers into a Virginia landfill when they could not make a positive ID.

Donley continues to reveal in his statement:

“It saddens me that this may cause additional grief to the families of our fallen warriors.”

How do you think the Air Force should react to this type of blatant tomfoolery from their enlisted men and women?