Atheist Promoter Christopher Hitchens Dead At 62

James Johnson

Well known Atheist, author and intellectual Christopher Hitchens has died at the age of 62, Hitchens had been in a long fight with esophageal cancer.

A British-born writer Hitchens moved to Washington DC in 1982 where he was best known for attacking the likes of Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger and even Mother Theresa with his caustic insight.

During one interview during his fight against cancer Hitchens scoffed at the idea that he would change his mind about religion.

During his career Hitchens authors 17 books, starting as a left wing supporter until the September 11 attacks at which time he jumped to the conservative right and spent the rest of his life fighting against the left.

In describing his life friends told the Los Angeles Times that he loved to talk politics, start arguments, drink and smoke.

Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair where Hitchens wrote a column for nearly 20 years said of her co-worker and friend:

"There will never be another like Christopher,” and “A man of ferocious intellect, who was as vibrant on the page as he was at the bar. Those who read him felt they knew him, and those who knew him were profoundly fortunate souls.'"