Ann Coulter On Rape: Victims Are ‘Girls Trying To Get Attention’ And There’s ‘Very Few Percentage Of Actual Rapists’

Ann Coulter is making waves with her remarks about rape victims and who make up actual rapists. The conservative political commentator is known for her bold and brazen opinions which frequently offend the general public. In this instance, an unapologetic Coulter sums up her view of today’s rape headlines as a “trend” and based on “hysteria.”

Ann appeared on The Lars Larson Show last week to talk about the story printed in Rolling Stone on an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia. She calls the story a “shocking fraud” that proves “there is no rape crisis” on college campuses. Furthermore, she suggests that unless it’s a violent rape in the same way as “being hit on the head with a brick,” those claiming to have been sexually assaulted are just trying to get attention.

“People know what a rape is, and to have girls trying to get attention from Lena Dunham to this poor psychotic at UVA, Lady Gaga claiming she was raped but she didn’t admit it to herself for five years. What major crime do people say, ‘I didn’t admit it to myself’?”

Coulter tells Larson that escalating concerns over how colleges are dealing with rapes are “based on nothing” when there are only a “very few percentage of actual rapists” on campuses and anything else saying otherwise “are usually Clintons or Kennedys.”

The Clarion-Ledger has a column written by Ann Coulter and she underscored what she said in her interview with Lars Larson. She cites a study that the Department of Justice did on college rape to make her point.

“Not only did the UVA gang rape turn out to be a hoax, but then President Obama’s own Department of Justice completed a six-year study on college rape, and it turns out that instead of 1-in-5 college coeds being raped, the figure is 0.03-in-5.

“Less than 1 percent of college students are the victim of a sexual assault — 0.6 percent to be exact — not to be confused with the 20 percent, or ‘one in five,’ claimed by feminists and President Obama.”

Coulter states that like the UVA rape hoax, the DOJ report haven’t “dissuaded Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Claire McCaskill from pushing their idea that the nation is in the grip of a college rape epidemic.”

She continues on her rant about rape victims and an agenda she believes many women and girls operate on. The political pundit says the nation is “truly in the middle” of an epidemic involving “women falsely claiming to have been raped.” Additionally, Ann Coulter says women lie about rape all the time “for attention, for revenge and for an alibi.”

The 53-year-old gives an statistic on her claims.

“All serious studies of the matter suggest that at least 40 percent of rape claims are false.”

Coulter doesn’t leave out the rape allegations on military bases within the last four years. A study done by the U.S. Air Force concludes that 46 percent of the allegations were false, with 27 percent of the cases having the accuser “recant.”

A large study of the past nine years in a small Midwestern city, by Eugene J. Kanin of Purdue University, “found that 41 percent of the rape claims were false,” Coulter goes on to say.

Coulter explains that Gillibrand is dismissive of the UVA case by saying, ‘Clearly, we don’t know the facts of what did or did not happen in this case.'”

Ann Coulter groups the UVA case and several other incidents involving high-profile accusations from alleged rape victims.

“Actually, we know quite well what happened in this case. A disturbed young woman invented a fake boyfriend and a fake gang-rape to get attention, and an incompetent journalist acted as her transcriber. It was a total hoax — just like the Duke lacrosse case, the Jamie Leigh Jones case, the Tawana Brawley case, and every other claim of white men committing gang-rape.”

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