Craigslist Helps Desperate User Find A Kidney

MIAMI, FL – Selina Hodges is only 28-years-old but a failing kidney forced her to spend nine hours a day on dialysis as she waited for a kidney transplant, a wait that ended this week thanks to free posting community Craigslist.

In July Hodge took to the site with a request for a kidney and she soon received a slew of media attention with responses from 800 people, one of those responses came from 23-year-old Florida resident Stephanie Grant who agreed to help Hodge by donating one of her own kidney’s.

The transplant was successfully performed on Tuesday and both women are said to be doing great.

While posting on Craigslist for a kidney might sound a little strange it’s not only legal when no money changes hands, it’s a practice that some doctors are recommending as they encourage patients to find their own organ donors willing to help. As the United Network for Organ Sharing group points out, while people in need of a kidney must wait on a long list a living organ donor can choose who they give their kidney to.

Speaking to WPBF after the transplant Hodge said:

“I’m so thankful, you know, letting me know there’s still kind-hearted people out there in the world.”

In her final revelation she noted:

“It’s like, wow, people still care.”

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