Iran Claims They Hacked US Drone GPS System

James Johnson

The Iran military is now claiming that they didn't so much shoot down the recently fallen US RQ-170 as they hacked it's GPS system and tricked the plane into landing on Iranian soil.

According to a military source:

"By [jamming] the communications, you force the bird into autopilot."

The claim of a hack isn't new for the country as their government officials have claimed to have hacked various US satellite communications and control signals.

While the GPS signal spoofing hack is a well known vulnerability among non-encrypted GPS signals the country doesn't explain how they managed to hijack the drone through encrypted military technology which requires specific military hardware along with special software to be used.

When showing off just modest damage to the drone an engineer suggests that the hack failed to take into account an altitude difference of several meters between the Afghanistan and Iran landing strips.

Iran has claime dto have taken down various US Drones however the RQ-170 is the first time any evidence has been placed on public display.

Do you think Iran has the technology and know-how to hack US Military hardware and software simultaneously?