One Man Had An Illuminating Idea To Share Holiday Spirit With His Neighbor With A Christmas Ditto Sign

The Christmas ditto sign: will it become a new tradition? Or will it just become a new tradition for the Valeski family in the small town of Indiana, Pennsylvania?

According to the Indiana Gazette, Don Barris put on a vibrant and bright festive show for those passing through. His two-story home is lit up in festive decorations and lights, a direct holiday decorating challenge his next-door neighbor, Tom Valeski, was unwilling to match.

Valeski came up with a couch potato's brilliant plan. He decided to take action as a person who has no time to fight with a tangled ball of lights by creating a hilarious and simple declaration of "Yeah, what he said."

He made a sign in the shape of an arrow, pointed it at his neighbors' nicely decorated and festive house, and wrote "ditto" in bold letters on the arrow. Oh, and we can't forget to give Valeski credit for this, too: he took the time to put lights around the sign.

Christmas ditto sign
An Indiana, Pennsylvania, man came up with this ditto sign to steal his neighbor's Christmas spirit and got a lot of laughs.

People in the local area think the ditto sign is great and definitely funny, and the picture of the Christmas sign has been making its rounds on Facebook. Lots of people have driven by on South Third Street in the hometown of Jimmy Stewart to take a peek at the Christmas ditto sign for a laugh, and it looks like it is here to stay for a whole holiday season.

Who knows? Maybe the Christmas ditto sign will be back next year in more yards around the nation.

[Image via James Nestor/The Indiana Gazette]