‘Goldeneye’ Duck Trapped Upside Down Under Ice Rescued By Norwegian Man

A Norwegian man dove into an icy lake to rescue a duck that found itself trapped upside down under the surface, performing CPR on the bird once he reached shore in order to resuscitate it.

Lars Jorun Langoien, 36, caught sight of the unfortunate duck in Lake Sognsvann, near the Norwegian capital of Oslo, according to the Daily Mail. Langoien quickly realized that the duck was in dire straits, as it had become disoriented under the ice and was unable to find its way back to the break it used to enter the water. The duck was trapped under the ice, bottom up, and was slowly drowning.

Undressing, Langoien dove into the frigid waters, the Express reports, breaking the ice on his way to the lifeless duck.

“I assumed it was looking for food and knew the way out, and my pal grabbed a photo of it,” he recalled.

“But then we realized that it was trapped and had forgotten where the hole was that it had come through, and was drowning.”

“They are pretty good at holding their breath under water but it was clear that time was running out for the duck.”

The duck was disoriented, and trapped under the thin layer of ice.

A regular swimmer in the icy water, Langoien was able to free the duck from the thin covering of ice, swimming it back to the shore. Once on dry land, Langoien had to resort to performing CPR on the duck, in order to resuscitate the unlucky bird.

“When I got it to the shore it still wasn’t moving, so I gave it mouth to mouth resuscitation and that seemed to do the trick. It came round and although it was a little groggy it made off.”

Earlier this year, a man made headlines when he uploaded photos of an injured duck he discovered in his backyard to Imgur. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the unidentified man rescued the duck, which had been brutally attacked by another animal, rehabilitating it and guiding it back to health. He documented the duck’s recovery in a set of images that depicted the animal as it adjusted to a new, domesticated life.

Experts were able to identify the duck that Langoien rescued as a Bucephala, commonly known as a Goldeneye duck. The species often feeds from the bottom of ponds, explaining why the duck ventured into the frozen lake that almost claimed its life.

[Images: Yngvil Søholt via the Daily Mail]