Laker Rumors: Celtics Show ‘Renewed Willingness’ To Trade Rondo, Are The Lakers In The Hunt?

Talk is heating up that the Boston Celtics are interested in moving their star point guard, Rajon Rondo, but should the Lakers part with personnel in order to land Rondo? Is Los Angeles back in the hunt to bring the point guard to the Lakers?

Talk of Rajon Rondo coming to the Los Angeles Lakers popped up over the summer and reappeared just last week, when Rondo and Laker star Kobe Bryant were spotted having breakfast together ahead of the Celtics-Lakers matchup. At the time, Bryant himself dismissed rumors that he was trying to sway Rondo toward the Lakers, saying that the two are merely friends who highly respect each other’s game.

Now, though, Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski says that the Celtics are actively shopping Rondo to other teams. High up in the running are the Dallas Mavericks, who are reportedly willing to send a 2015 first-round pick Boston’s way. The Houston Rockets are also said to be in the running for Rondo, and ESPN‘s Marc Stein says that the Lakers have gotten in on the action, too.

The Lakers could offer the Celtics a number of expiring contracts, including that of the likely retiring Steve Nash and underperforming Laker point guard Jeremy Lin. They also have a first round pick by way of the Houston Rockets. With the Celtics in the midst of a rebuilding program, these could prove attractive options in exchange for Rondo.

What the Lakers would have to offer to Rondo in particular, though, is more questionable. In coming to the Lakers, Rondo would be pairing with Kobe Bryant, with whom he has a good relationship. Rondo and Kobe are comparable in terms of competitiveness and professionalism, but they are nearly 10 years apart in age. Rondo is arguably entering his prime as an NBA player, while Kobe is likely on his way out in the next two years. Kobe’s absence would see a Laker franchise with a lot of cap space, but not much else. Whether that would be attractive to Rondo remains to be seen.

Still, the Lakers could possibly put together an attractive package for the Celtics to land Rondo. And the Lakers already appear to be back in talks with Boston to make that happen. What do you think? Should the Lakers make moves to land Rondo, or should Los Angeles hold out for another player?