‘The Interview’ DVDs Will Be Air Dropped Into North Korea, Human Rights Group Says

The Interview DVDs are coming soon… to North Korea!?

If the Human Rights Foundation has anything to do with it, then yes. The group’s president explained in a recent press release why he planned on making such a bold statement.

“Everything we do in a free society is a threat to a totalitarian government,” explained Thor Halvorssen. “The North Korean tragedy is human made and I don’t have an answer. But I do know that it starts with educating and creating a civil society inside that country and breaking the monopoly of information that the Kim regime has successfully been able to deploy for so long.”

Of course, it’s not likely any of The Interview DVDs will find their ways into the hands and, subsequently, the DVD players of the country’s citizens.

(Do North Koreans even get to have DVD players?)

Still, it’s a nice grab for publicity, though Halvorssen insists that it goes beyond that, and that it’s not about the movie — that “it was the power of ideas that made The Interview such a threat to the North Korean government, not the film itself,” Mediaite reports.

“Parody and satire is powerful. Ideas are what are going to win in North Korea. Ideas will bring down that regime.”

The dictatorial regime of Kim Jong Un (and Kim Jong Il before him) has soundly condemned the Seth Rogen/James Franco buddy comedy for its depiction of North Korean leadership, and the through line of two journalists being tasked with assassinating the current reigning leader.

While North Korea has not formally taken credit for the Sony hack heard ’round the world, most believe they are responsible.

Since someone broke in to Sony’s network, the public has learned what Sony executives think of the weak James Bond script, how crazy they think Jaden and Willow Smith really are, and the silver-spoon overratedness of Angelina Jolie.

The same group is also believed to be behind the terrorist threat to anyone who chooses to see The Interview on opening day, promising a 9/11-level event.

The Sony leaks have been undeniably humiliating and costly for the company, not just in money and public opinion, but also in talent relations.

It has also put some of the more timid movie theater chains in danger of a boycott.

What do you think, readers? Will dropping The Interview DVDs on North Korea help matters at all, or will it just be a costly publicity stunt with zero effect? Sound off in our comments section.