Rand Paul Already Taking On Jeb Bush

Dean Chambers

Rand Paul has already begun the 2016 campaign against the expected front-runner, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Paul has already created an internet advertisement urging supporters to "join a movement working to shrink government. Not grow it," Time Magazine reports. Paul, the son of 2012 GOP candidate and former Congressman Ron Paul, is clearly seeking the 2106 GOP nomination for president as junior Senator from Kentucky.

Paul is running the advertisement online, which links to his RandPAC, which asks supporters to register their email address and zip code and "Stand with Rand." Paul is expected to have a strong campaign organization nationally to compete with Bush and other candidates.

Rand Paul is also challenging Jeb Bush for his support of the "Common Core" education policy, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

"But Paul, who is no doubt eyeing a run for president too, dropped the nice talk as the day wore on. To reporters he questioned whether Bush's name would be a problem. Then his team leaked that it had purchased Google ads so when people search for Bush, Paul's website would pop up, the Times reported yesterday.

Rand Paul was interviewed on Fox News by Megyn Kelly about Bush's support for Common Core. Paul characterized it as increased federal involvement in education and one of "centralized government" that he says most are against. Paul suggested that Bush's education views will be unpopular among Republican voters who will select the party's nominee for president. Rand Paul advocates educational decision making more at the state and local level.

Rand Paul has attracted distinction among possible 2016 GOP candidates by advocating a much stronger outreach to the African-American community than other GOP candidates have, the Inquisitr recently reported. Paul believes the GOP can show real concern for the African-American community and offer real solutions to improve the quality of life for black Americans.

"I think in the Republican Party, the biggest mistake we've made in the last several decades is we haven't gone into the African-American community, into the NAACP, and say you know what, we are concerned about what's going on in your cities and we have plans," Paul was quoted by the Inquisitr as having said.

Rand Paul appears to be working at building a coalition of libertarian and conservative Republicans along with increased support from African-Americans. Jeb Bush and other candidates can expect to face a strong challenge in 2016 from Rand Paul.