Second-Graders’ Ferguson Protest: Police Veteran Outraged By Daughter’s Second Grade Class Protesting

George Borden, a 15-year veteran officer with the Bedford Police Department, was outraged when he learned an organized protest was going on at his daughter’s school.

According to the ABC News, Borden was notified about the demonstration when a close friend of his passed by the Alma Del Mar Charter School and noticed a group of young students protesting in front of the school. The small children were reportedly stationed outside of the school along the sidewalk, and could be seen holding signs and chanting in support of justice for Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Considering Borden’s line of work, he was definitely furious. He and his father, a retired police officer, recently shared his opinion of the protests with the Boston Globe.

“I don’t think 7-year-olds can come up with the idea to go out and protest on the street,” Borden said.

His father also weighed in with his perspective, saying, “What second grader wants to give up recess to go stand on a busy street corner and chant, ‘We want justice’? My son’s a cop, so he’s really upset, and after his daughter got in the car, she asked if he shoots people.”

However, the school argues that the children actually did come up with the idea. Will Gardner, the school’s executive director, released a statement on December 15 in regards to the allegations citing that the school is responsible.

“A group of scholars played on the playground while other scholars held their demonstration without incident. We have spoken with the concerned officer and his family on several occasions and he has agreed to meet with both the teacher and school administrators to discuss his concerns and come up with productive next steps.”

Do you think the principal and teacher should be reprimanded for allowing the children to protest? Share your thoughts.

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