Sony Hack: Watch ‘The Interview’ Video Where Kim Jong-un Dies, Plus Script Leaked From Pastebin Hacked Sony Files

Update: ‘The Interview’ Movie On YouTube: Here’s how to find the YouTube link to The Interview full-length movie on Christmas Day.

Update: Here’s video of The Interview scene because the above video was removed from YouTube.

The Sony hack continues to dominate the news on December 17, with new video showing a scene from The Interview movie obtained via the Sony hack and posted on websites like Gawker, the Verge, and now YouTube that was reportedly too gory – a clip that is said to have triggered the Sony hack in the first place.

North Koreans have denied having anything to do with the Sony hack. However, leaked emails from the Sony hack reveal that Seth Rogen – director and co-star of The Interview – said “nope” to toning down the death scene and wouldn’t consider not killing the leader.

Despite the Sony hack, the Los Angeles premiere of The Interview went on as planned, as seen in a photo gallery of the stars and Sony executives looking worse for the wear on TMZ. While Sony keeps urging the media to destroy data obtained via the hack, news organizations instead point to first amendment rights and the newsworthiness of the Sony hack, and reference websites like Geek Slop, who’ve downloaded the actual script of The Interview from the Sony hack via the Pastebin files where they are being shared online – and claim that script is 168 pages long and contains 22,633 words. Techies like Dan Tentler say that downloading the Sony hack data from Pastebin brought the FBI to his door.

Sony hack leak
The Interview script leaked online

Ironically, the Geek Slop website reports receiving attacks from Korean IP addresses after publishing their findings about the Sony hack. This could be due to reports of Sony hacking the hackers to try and stop the flow of information leaking online from the Sony hacks. Reddit users who’ve posted threads about the Sony hack have discovered their user accounts banned, reports Yahoo! News.

Ironically, Sony executives are convinced that it might be laid-off IT employees from Sony who are actually behind the Sony hack, reports TMZ, claiming that those who have hacked Sony could be in cahoots with the North Koreans who are angered over The Interview film, and therefore are using their insider Sony knowledge to pointedly cull those things which might be the most embarrassing to the Sony employees in the hack.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the Sony hack already revealed that Beyoncé’s dad pitched Sony a Destiny’s Child biopic, while Kanye West’s employee pitched Sony a movie idea as well. In light of the most recent 9/11-style attack threatened by the Sony hackers in the latest Sony hack message against movies showing The Interview, Sony has left it up to theaters to decide whether to show the movie.

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