Will Donald Trump Stop Hosting 'Celebrity Apprentice' To Take On A New Role? 'I Am Considering It Seriously'

Donald Trump's reality show, Celebrity Apprentice, returns in January for it's seventh season, but it's possible that it may be the celebrity mogul's last year hosting the show on NBC. Of course, that's if Trump decides to run for president in the 2016 election.

"The Donald" has contemplated running for president before, so his current chatter about a 2016 bid for the White House may not be taken seriously until he actually confirms it. Trump tells CNN that he intends to make a decision this Spring -- but he's not sure which month -- stating that he will decide in "March, April or May."

After telling ABC News that a run by former Republican governor of Florida Jeb Bush is the "last thing" the country needs, Donald Trump stated that he's taking a serious look at being a political alternative to Bush.

He didn't have kind things to say about Jeb Bush's brother, either, voicing his disapproval of former President George W. Bush as well, but not without dissing President Obama in the process.

"I think they both did a very terrible job. I thought Bush was a terrible president. I thought he did a terrible job. He got us involved in Iraq which we shouldn't have been in and frankly destabilized the entire Middle East and beyond. And I thought he did a terrible job and I thought his last month was a catastrophe because there was collapsing all over the place. I think Barack Obama was a step worse. I think we've had two terrible presidents."

How serious is Trump about entering the 2016 presidential race? Considering he talked about running in 2010, it's tough to figure out if he's just talking to stir up attention, or if he will actually run for office. He tells CNN that he would "rather do what he's doing now," but he'd be "inclined" to put his name in the ring if he doesn't see anyone "outstanding" make a bid for the White House.

"A lot of people think I have fun with [talking about running for president] and I enjoy the process, but the country is in very serious trouble so I am considering it seriously."

With Jeb Bush considering a run and rumors that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may enter the race, it looks like Donald Trump may entertain the thought of a presidential run. Or simply just being entertaining and keeping his potential competitors on their toes.

Season 7 of the Celebrity Apprentice starts in January on NBC. Whether he will put an end to the show while he runs for president is still unknown, but make no mistake that Donald Trump will let everyone know what his plans are when he's good and ready.

[Image: FOX News]