Tricia Helfer Back Where She Belongs, On SyFy

Tricia Helfer has made a career out of looking like a dangerously beautiful woman. The beautiful part, she was born with. She has the SyFy network to thank for making Helfer someone people consider dangerous.

Tricia, a supermodel who transitioned to television acting is best known for the role as an android assassin on Battlestar Galactica‘s relaunched series on the network a few years ago. How dangerous was her character in that show? Tricia Helfer’s Cylon character helped facilitate the end to an entire world.

Now Tricia Helfer is back on the network, and while she isn’t playing a murdering robot that looks, acts and feels exactly like a human being, she’s still plenty dangerous in her role as Viondra Denninger on the new miniseries, Ascension.

Helfer recently talked about her return to the network where she became a star, while also talking about what was so exciting about her new role. According to the New York Post, Tricia Helfer actually enjoyed the fact that Viondra was being described as “beautiful, manipulative and dangerous.”

“At first you may think it’s not a compliment,” Helfer told the paper from her home base in L.A. “I’m pretty opposite of that in terms of my personality. But the manipulative and dangerous parts mean I’m probably going to have fun with the character. And what I consider fun is not jumping around for joy and having giggles, but something you can sink your teeth into.”

It seems as though the creators thought Tricia was the person for the part and that she could sink her teeth into it as well.

“In the first draft of the script, I put in a parenthetical next to Viondra’s character description that read, ‘Think Tricia Helfer,'” The show’s co-creator, Philip Levens said.

Levens and the the blonde bombshell share the same talent agency and knew each other through those connections. In order to cast the part of Viondra, the pair met at a coffee shop. One half-hour meeting later and the deal was struck.

The actress has always managed to stay away from the more bubbly and goofy roles in her acting career. As well as an android, she has made appearances on shows like Supernatural, where she played the ghost of a woman who didn’t know she was dead. She also appeared on the short lived series known as Killer Woman. One thing is sure, Tricia Helfer doesn’t shy away from looking and acting dangerous.