'Batman: Arkham Knight' Gameplay To Feature Superman Cameo?

Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay could include an addition to rival the upcoming film. While the film has been the talk of comic book fans everywhere, as Warner Bros. attempts a successful crossover between two characters never seen before in a live action movie, the game may be set to follow its lead.

According to recent sightings on IMDb, Superman has been seen added to the voice cast. It is unknown why the listings were quickly removed, but two different voice actors have been rumored to play the man of steel in Rocksteady's explosive finale to the bestselling Arkham franchise.

According to KDrama Stars, who managed to get a screen grab, the Batman: Arkham Knight Superman appearance will be covered by George Newbern, a voice actor known for playing the Kyptonian orphan several times, including the Justice League animated series. Movie Pilot claims to have seen Tim Daly for the same role, the voice actor from the late 90s animated TV series. If either rumor is proven true, Superman may have a welcome impact on the Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay.

'Batman: Arkham Knight' Superman cameo possible
Could a 'Batman: Arkham Knight' Superman cameo be secretly included?

If the man of steel is indeed planning to show up in the dark knight's final adventure under Rocksteady, he could be a playable character. This would follow the trend much like the Joker, Catwoman, Robin, and Nightwing in the earlier games, and Harley Quinn in Arkham Knight (if you pre-order).

Other possibilities might include Superman stepping in to help stop the Arkham Knight, since this particular villain is expected to be one of the biggest threats. Either way, Rocksteady's development team is confident that they will be in demand, having invented the Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay.

"Our attitude is, if we deliver on Arkham Knight, smash it out of the park, the opportunities we'll have in the future will be massive. We will be able to control our own destiny in that respect."
One of the development team even joked about shuttering the studio and walking away like rock stars.

The rumors surrounding the Batman: Arkham Knight Superman appearance could also be a quick and simple hack, considering that almost anybody can add information to IMDb. The quick removal of the listings might be an indication of denial, or possibly Rocksteady covering up a secret plan to add Superman to the much anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay.

Do you think the man of steel will mirror his role from Batman V Superman and make an appearance in Rocksteady's explosive finale?

[Image via Movie Pilot, Henrycavill.org]